kaval from almond wood made by Veselin Hasabaliev (http://www.kavalibg.com/)

The kaval is a chromatic end-blown flute traditionally played throughout Azerbaijan, Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, southern Serbia (кавал), Ukraine, Moldova, northern Greece (καβάλι or τζαμάρα), Romania (caval), and Armenia (Բլուլ or blul). The kaval is primarily associated with mountain shepherds throughout the Balkans and Anatolia (wikipedia).

The concept is to provide the tangibility, by combining an ancient tangible instrument with digital fabrication, computer-machine listening, capacitive sensors for detect tangibility, other sensors like air pressure sensors, live visuals and computer music.

The procedure was:

  1. Precise manual kaval measurement
  2. Create sketches and drawings in the paper
  3. Digital drawing to FreeCAD(http://freecadweb.org/) Rhino (http://www.rhino3d.com/) and SolidWorks (https://www.solidworks.com/)
  4. Export .stl files
  5. Insert them in to makeware software (https://www.makerbot.com/makerware/)
  6. Export .x3g files
  7. Insert the data to MakerBot - Replicator 2 (http://store.makerbot.com/replicator2)
  8. 3d printing (digital fabrication) 
  9. Testing and change printing properties

The firsts


As an artist in resifdency in CSAD the diary was the following:

  • Day 1: Monday:
    • NGA
    • CSAD tour
    • Tangible kaval brainstorming
  • Day 2:
    • Touche
    • Capasitive sensors
    • Live Performance with Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos
    • Live Performance with Iannis Zannos
  • Day 3:
    • kaval scaning
    • kaval design with Martijn Gommeren
    • kaval digital fabrication - printing
    • Prind EASTN logo into textile
  • Day 4:
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
  • Day 8: Monday
  • Day 9
    • Trip to Bristol meeting with Ant Mace and john O'Connell
    • Develop standalone supercollider application for machine listening while a buffer is played
  • Day 10: Wednesday
    • Develop standalone supercollider application for machine listening while a buffer is played
    • 3d design of kiz and suburde baspare
    • Print another kaval
    • Martijn
  • Day 11: Thursday
    • Create standalone application with SuperCollider for sound feature extraction
    • Update openFrameworks application for visualize sound features
    • Test 3d printed kaval
  • Day 12: Friday
    • Convert solidworks files to dxf
    • Import drawing to AutoCAD
    • Testing the standaalone application to external user
    • search aerodynamics aeroacoustics
    • Send drawing to 3d printer