Ataraxia and Power of People (PoP), two interactive works presented under the Energy for Life project run by the Agoni Grammi Gonimi non-profit organisation. It is an environmental awareness program that calls on fifteen remote destinations, spreading ideas, thoughts and insights of ecological interest to students as well as to the inhabitants of the places it visits.

 During this project I have demonstrated the aforementioned interactive systems in various primary and high-schools in rural locations across Greece. The workshops mainly elaborate in concepts of new digital instruments, and interactive music compositions, such as Ataraxia, as well as in sound art installations using environmental information for sonification systems like PoP, which were developed as research projects.

 Students have the opportunity to experiment with the systems and take a look into aesthetical and technical concerns of the projects and get concise knowledge in this particular field of research of interactive music composition. Photo material and further information of the visits can be found here.