I am right now working on the electroacoustic piece premiered in Karlsruhe at ZKM.

The name of the piece is La Tabula Rasa. Here there is the program note:

La tabula rasa is a musical piece inspired by the work of the Venetian composer Luigi Nono.

The architectural space is based along the lines of Prometeo. The music that Nono had composed was intended to surround the audience, placing musicians and singers all around at different heights. In La tabula rasa, the instrumentalists are, as in Prometeo, the loudspeakers located all over the hemispherical wall of the dome. An algorithm to simulate human-like imprecision is introduced, to transform the speakers in actual performers.

Inspired by La fabbrica illuminata from the same author, the theme of the work herein presented is settled on the contemporary scenario dominated on one side by the large consumerist economical status and on the other by the overwhelming growth of computer technologies.