Post Naturale 2 : musical installation of Giuseppe Gavazza for the exhibition : Henry Hargreaves : No seconds. Comfort food and photography. Genova, Palazzo Ducale, Sala Dogana, April 10-27 2014

Related with Henry Hargreaves “No seconds” serie, the audience participates to the audio installation Post Naturale 2 of the Italian composer and experimental artist Giuseppe Gavazza (Bogliasco Fellow in 2006 and 2011), who is currently studying for a Phd in Cognition and Environment at the Ecole Doctorale Ingenierie pour la Santé` ICA-ACROE, Grenoble INP, France on the theme : " Physical Modeling as a tool for musical formalisation : composition and analysis"

Henry Hargraves (1979) is a young New Zealander artist, who moved to NY and became a photographer after a successful career as a fashion model. He decided to became the eye beyond the camera and, thank to his great technical skills, started his provocative work of contamination between food and culture. Chiara Casarin, the curator of his exhibit at the Museo della Follia at San Servolo, Venice, that was the opening of his European project in 2013, says that “It consists of a journey through our daily life, where fast relationships and fast feeding witness our fragile emotions and easy consolations…..”.

The exhibit arrives in Genoa after travelling to Treviso, Venezia and Ramagen. The series “No seconds”, in particular, is focused on the last food desires of famous American people condemned to death, and this is the first time that the pictures are shown publicly in a big size. “Frosted Dic Cakes” instead plays with the faces of dictators a game of food and mass culture contamination.