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Afroditi Psarra (Athens, 1982) is a multidisciplinary artist and a PhD candidate at the School of Fine Arts, at Complutense University in Madrid in the field of Image, Technology and Design. Her academic research Cyberpunk and New Media Art focuses in the relationship between science fiction, performance and digital art, and offers a philosophical, sociological and aesthetic analysis of the influence of new technologies in contemporary artistic practices. Her artistic interest focuses on concepts such as the body as an interface, the identity crisis of the individual, folk tradition and the role of women in contemporary culture. Her artworks include a wide variety of media and techniques that extend from embroidery, soft circuits, DIY electronics, hacking and creative coding, to interactive installations and sound performances. She has attended numerous workshops with some of the pioneers in new media, like Stelarc, Sandy Stone, Ricardo Dominguez, Dmitry Gelfand and Evelyna Domnitch, Heith Bunting and has collaborated with Shu Lea Cheang in her project UKI. For the last three years she has been exploring electronic textiles and sound, and has been tutoring workshops on the LilyPad Arduino microprocessor. Her work has been presented at Amber Festival in Istanbul, Piksel[X] Festival in Bergen, CTM Festival in Berlin, Electropixel in Nantes and MakerFaireRome between others and has worked as an intern on Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing at Disney Research Zurich. She currently lives and works in Athens

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