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Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos

Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos is a computer music researcher, a lecturer and a musician /sonic artist. He has studied physics, computer science, digital arts, classical music and computer music in Greece and in France. His research and musical interests are situated at the intersection of music, art, science and technology. He has published several articles in journals, international conferences, and participated in many workshops related to music interaction, musical composition and music performance (classical guitar). He has co-organised workshops on haptic digital musical instruments and in digital fabrication and digital musical instruments and and acted as a reviewer for international conferences, journals and book publications. He has also participated in several music ensembles and composed electroacoustic and electronic music. He is member of Cardiff Gamelan community ensemble since 2012.

Alexandros has been working in the Higher Education since 2009 where he was appointed as a Lecturer in the Music Production and Technology programme in Cardiff School of Art and Design (CSAD) at University of Wales Institute Cardiff (Cardiff Metropolitan University) . He obtained his HEA fellowship in 2013 and has taught various modules related to computer music, audio signal processing, music production, sonic arts, interactive composition & performance, physical computing and sound design. He has also supervised dissertations and creative projects in the areas of art, music and design. Between 2011-2013 he has undertaken the role of Programme Director in Music Production and Technology. He is a currently a Senior Lecturer in Sonic Arts and Art/Science/Technology in Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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