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Annie Luciani

Annie Luciani is a research engineer at the French Ministry of Culture. She received a degree in electrical engineering (ENSERG 1973) and a PhD in computer science (1984) at the INPG in Grenoble France. She is one of the founders (with Claude Cadoz and Jean-Loup Florens), of the French (ACROE-ICA) research group in Grenoble (France) in 1976. ACROE-ICA laboratory is a Computer Arts Laboratory that pioneered the design of force feedback devices in 1976 from scientific and artistic considerations in Computer Music and Computer Animation. Since 1999, she heads the ICA laboratory of INPG-France. She participated in the design of the Cordis-Anima language physically-based modeler-simulator (1976) using force-feedback to control in real-time, visual and sound simulations. She is in charge of the research and creation in computer graphics at the ACROE-ICA research Group. She is in charge of the use of physically-based computer models and haptic interaction in artistic creations and artistic schools (animation, choreography, music). She produced two artistic works: Esquisses and Memoires Vives.

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