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Hannes Andersson Donuan

Hannes Andersson (Donuan) is a researcher, Filmmaker, Digital Artist and Audio-Visual Performer. His work focuses on perception and visual communication in the in-between of art and science. At EASTN Project Hannes participates in Sysiphus Stone and the Tangibility Documentary.

Short Bio:
Hannes is originally from Gothenburg (Sweden) and is currently based in the UK. He studied Digital Film & Animation at SAE Institute Barcelona (Catalonia), where he wrote his BSc thesis on Interactive Technologies Applied to Cinematographic Storytelling. He is co-founder of the digital art collective Chinos International CC, developing interactive art and open source technology, materialised i.e. in audio-visual and physical installations exploring concepts of user affectability by applying techniques for spatial placement, tracking of user position and body movement. He is co-founder and director of Andersson Rodriguez Films, an independent film production company, mainly producing narrative cinema shorts and digital videos for distribution on web. In 2014 he was selected to represent Bologna for the European Union Culture Project “Performigrations, People are the Territory”, for which he develops an audio-visual installation to be presented in seven cities in Europe and in Canada during 2015.

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