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Iannis Zannos has a background in music composition, ethnomusicology and interactive performance. He has worked as Director of the Music Technology and Documentation section at the State Institute for Music Research (S.I.M.) in Berlin, Germany, and Research Director at the Center for Research for Electronic Art Technology (CRE- ATE) at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has taken part at numerous international collaborative Me- dia Arts projects and has realized multimedia performances both alone and in cooperation with other artists. He is teaching audio and interactive media arts at the Department of Audiovisual Arts and at the postgraduate course in Arts and Technologies of Sound of the Music Department at the Ionian University, Corfu. Publications include: "Ichos und Makam" (Comparative Studies on the Modal systems of Greek and Turkish Music, 1994), "Music and Signs" (edited proceedings of the 1997 conference on Music Semiotics and Systematic Musicology), an a number of articles on Music Technology and Media Arts. Participation in artistice collaborations include (2000), with Martin Carlé programming of interactive sound for Eric Sleichim / Bl!ndman Quartet, and Ulrike and David Gabriel, 2005- 2006: Cosmos-X - Multimedia installation with multiple audio and video projections based on the work of Iannis Xenakis, with Efi Xirou, and 2004-2005, with Jean-Pierre Hébert real-time sound programming for the installation series on “Sand of Changes" (SIGGRAPH 2005) and the interactive kinetic sculpture “Narcissus” (Through the Roadblocks, NEME, Lanitis Center, Limassol 2012). Currently Iannis Zannos is focussing on how environmental issues and problems of multi-culturality are reflected in Media-Art terms.

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