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Miguel Azguime

Composer, poet, and percussionist, he founded the Miso Ensemble in 1985, a flute and percussion duo recognised by the public and by the critics as one of the most important Portuguese contemporary music groups. The Miso Ensemble has given numerous concerts in Portugal and abroad, with more than 400 performances to date. Miguel Azguime has obtained various awards for composition and performance, has composed for diverse formations, instrumental and/or vocal with or without electronics, electroacoustic music, sound poetry, and also music for exhibitions, sound installations, theatre, dance and cinema. He has received commissions from several national and international prestigious institutions. Azguime's music has been performed by renowned soloists, ensembles and conductors, being regularly presented at majors festivals of contemporary music around the world. The connections between Azguime the composer and Azguime the poet, have given birth of a unique text and music relationship that he has named Electroacoustic Theatre and New Op-Era. Besides his activity as a composer, poet and percussionist, he remains actively dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of contemporary music, as artistic director of the independent label Miso Records, as artistic director of the Música Viva Festival, as founder of the Miso Studio. He has developed since 1995 the first Portuguese Loudspeaker Orchestra and as a researcher he has been working in the development of real time computer music, giving lectures and courses on this field.

In 2003 he started, together with Paula Azguime the Portuguese Music Information Center. This same year Miguel Azguime won the 2003 EMS composition prize. Miguel Azguime has been composer in residence in many electronic studios around the world, namely the Heinrich Stroebel Experimental Studio of the Sudwestfunk - Freiburg, the Electronic Music Studio EMS in Stockholm, the Centre Henri Pousseur - Liège, the TU Studio from the Technische Universität Berlin, the International Centre for Composers in Visby, the Sonology Department of the Kunitachi University - Tokyo. In 2006 Miguel Azguime was DAAD composer in residence in Berlin, and since then he lives and works in Berlin and Lisbon. 2008 prize winner of the UNESCO's Music Theatre Now competition with his "Salt Itinerary" opera.

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