14-20 September 2014

This week, EASTN Partners and Artists are in Athens attending to the joint 40th International Computer Music Conference and 11th Sound and Music Computer Conference. In this context, the Network propose several work sessions and discussions about the concept of « Tangibility » in Computer Music.


Dematerializing - Rematerializing ?

Tangibility and sense of presence through physical interaction present ongoing challenges in digitally mediated technologies. These are particularly pertinent in time based Arts such as Computer Music and Sound Art because of the level of intimacy and directness that are required.

The democratization of Computer Arts and Computer Music have, because of the dematerialization afforded by digital technologies, considerably pushed the boundaries of creativity.

However, this creates the problem of reconciling this openness with modes of experience characterized by notions such as embodiment, presence, enaction and tangibility, that can be said to be inherent in and fundamental for any creative process, and of course of finding the good alliance between them and the immaterial.

The European Art-Science-Technology Network (EASTN), proposed a dedicated session to the joint ICMC/SMC 2014 conference and invited contributors to submit Philosophical as well as Technical Papers discussing the notion of tangibility in the above sense


On Tuesday 16th, from 14h30 to 16h30, Special Session around « Dematerializating - Rematerializing: Tangibility in Computer Music »

  • Claude Cadoz, Tangibility, Repsence, Materiality, Reality in Artistic Creation with Digital Technology
  • Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos, Digital Musical Instruments in the Digital Fabrication Age
  • Iannis Zannos, Immediacy - Intimacy and Manipulation - Extension on the Tangibility Metaphor
  • Jan Schacher, Corporeality, Actions and Perception in Gestural Performance of Digital Music
  • Pascale Criton, Listening Otherwise: Playing with Sound Vibrations
  • Round Table

On Wednesday 17th, from 14h30 to 16h30, second part of the Special Session around « Dematerializating - Rematerializing: Tangibility in Computer Music »

  • Annie Luciani, Being there & being with: the Philosophical and Cognitive Notions of Presence and Embodiment in Virtual Instruments
  • Diemo Schwartz, Sound Mosaic in Everyday Objects
  • Ludger Brummer, Spacialsound and Tangibility
  • Alberto Boem, sculpTon: a Malleable Tangible Interface for Sound Sculpting
  • Round Table

On Friday 19th from 12h10 to 16h20, the first workshop of its kind: « Digital Fabrication for Digital Musical Instruments », proposed by Olivia Kotsifa and EASTN

Topics can be, but not exclusively : Embodiment / Tangibility / Enaction / Computer Arts / Interaction in Music / Interaction in Arts / Interfaces / Sensors / Actuators / Physical Modeling / Modeling / 3D Printing, etc.