07-11 January 2014

Seven European institutions were present at the Grenoble Institute of Technology from Monday 6th of January to Saturday 11th of January 2014 for the launch of EASTN, European Art-­Science-­Technology Network. 


Several representatives of these institutions were answering to the press :

  • Claude Cadoz (Composer, president of ACROE)
  • Annie Luciani (President of ICA Laboratory)
  • Iannis Zannos (Composer and president of the AudioVisual department of Corfu University)
  • Ludger Brummer, (Composer and president of the ZKM Music department in Karlsruhe)
  • Miguel Azguime (Composer, percussionist and president of Miso Music Portugal)
  • Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos (Composer and lecturer at Cardiff School of Art & Design)
  • Anastasia Pistofidou (Coordinator of Barcelona FABLab)
  • Jérôme Villeneuve (Coordinator of EASTN)