Datashaped is a video mapping installation that uses the structure of an hologram system to obtain a 3 Dimensional, tangible interface. Nowadays we live surrounded by data, but how can our individual daily actions change global information? Our installation plays with the duality of local and global information that we are constantly generating and being exposed to, by a real time data visualisation. The sound captured by a microphone inside the installation, controls and interferes the immediate and temporal changes of an hologram that is constantly fetching and visualising live open source data from a Smart Citizen Kit. Smart Citizen is a participatory platform where various users all over the world can capture, register and connect their environmental local data, such as levels of noise, temperature, light, and air contamination, in order to create a collective construction of the city for its own inhabitants.







smart citizen kit


smart citizen - processing


Datashaped is being developed in FabLab Barcelona, bringing new creators that work in the ambience of audiovisual and tangible world the opportunity to exhibit advances and use digital tools for artistic creation. 

This project is about the perception of our intangible surrounding data,  holographic systems and data visualization applied to interactive art.


The artist’s work is interdisciplinary:

Cristian Rizzuti an interactive media artist whose work is inspired by science and maths, focusing on interactive immersive environments and human perception, synesthetic spaces and the art/science double bond.

Citlali Hernández, a Mexican industrial designer that works with the intersections between technology, the human body and performative arts.

Anastasia Pistofidou, a fabrication expert that combines craftsmanship with digital creation.

Angel Muñoz, a creative coder and hardware developer that currently works on the development of Smart Citizen Kit.