Deux Points C'est Tout

Computer animation by physical modeling - « Two points, and that’s all » is a video course consisting in a set of sequences of animations, since the earliest created by physical models by Annie Luciani at the very beginning of her scientific artistic approach, to 1976, until the most récent. Works were performed with many trainees, students and PhD students, and thanks to the engineers of the ACROE in the team she manages "Technologies for Visual Arts." Two points, that's all: because the sequences show that, from only two masses interact, an area of sensitive movements is created, without limit, addressing from visual image all our body interiority. Two points, instead of one, because it is from two that interaction is created. Two material points, two points which have a mass - we could say two grave points - that different from graphic one because they are potentially, in their own being, the capability to move.