Don’t Overthink This

Fixed sound piece, for virtual musical instruments created with GENESIS and GENESIS-RT (physical modelling and simulation software created by ACROE/ICA) and vocals (performed by Benjamin Serventon). The composition draws its essence from a simple phenomenon that many of us have experienced, sometimes recurrently: being in a state of restlessness, where we cannot fall asleep. In the process of trying to empty one’s mind and slowly drift away into slumber, we sometimes fall victim to our own train of thoughts: small snippets, voices, that linger in the back of our mind, gently nagging at us until they accumulate into something utterly overbearing and paralysing. Yet paradoxically, the more we consciously try to refrain and control these wandering thought patterns, the more restless we become. And the harder we wish ourselves to sleep, the harder it becomes to do so. Through a series of moments depicting this borderline state between reality and dream, the composition reveals the back-and-forth struggle and cyclic attempts of the mind to progressively power down, let go and stop overthinking... that is, at least until morning comes.