Fattori Nominanti E Minuti Dettagli

Acousmatic composition for 19 speakers. The composition has a tripartite structure. The three moments that divide the composition are in the concept of the work the division of a day: morning, afternoon, and evening / night. This is the period of time lived between the events that happen and actions that we do. The composition lasts 12 minutes. The duration is related to the hours that mark the day. In the composition, an hour is represented by thirty seconds. The composition outlines the facts of a routine system, my system, lived through reflections on the phenomena that surround me.The idea of past, present and future is completely subjective and the passage of time a deception of the senses. The perception of the passage of "time" in the composition is the awareness that the reality to which they belong is materially changed.The time is scanned by the actions that surround me and the places I visit. The cyclicality of actions is proposed as a security for the existence. "Fattori nominanti e minuti dettagli " the "fattori nominanti" are the elements that indicate the instants, while "minuti dettagli" are minutes as units of time marked by details and minutes like a small portions of time with detailed descriptions. The composition can be identified as an imaginary soundwalk.