Gaea 2015

This piece will be adapted for a multichannel projection. The work "Gaea" is entierly realised with the GENESIS system, a computer environment for music creation based on the physical objects simulation language CORDIS-ANIMA, designed and developped by ACROE under the direction of the author. This is a music "of fixed sounds", that is a music without any interaction or instrumental play at the moment of its diffusion. Indeed, the notions of interaction and enaction are engraved, more deeply, in the creation process itself, in the structure of the piece and in the physical models used to generate it. These virtual physical objects have different natures, sizes and even scales, from simple squealing grains of matter to immense flows and telluric shocks. From the 20 000 interacting components of this virtual micro-universe emerge changing atmoshperes, sometimes intimate, sometimes dynamic, sometimes diabolic.