Gaitanaki is a form of a Greek folk dance from Thessaly, Greece. It is a circle dance. It is also very widespread in Epirus. (Wiki) l interactive maypole project The Instrumental “Gaitanaki” is an artistic installation that brings the community kids together for part of its fabrication and also its use. While learning about the different dances in various customs, the participants learn to use digitally fabricated stamps for blockprinting as well as sound recording for the sound interaction. In its original form, the maypole ribbons are weaved around the main pole and have got pre-recorded sounds that are triggered as soon as the people hold them and dance around the main pole. For this project, Olivia spent two weeks in Northern Greece as an artist in residence at Ionion University and prior to this, in Fab Lab Cardiff where the electronics, main pole sculpture and lasercut stamps were made. Many thanks to the 25 kids of Tsepelovo village (Greece) for their enthusiasm and involvement, and also to all the village residents for helping in the making stages.

Project Team

Olivia Kotsifa : concept, design, interaction design, digital fabrication

Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos : interaction design, sound design, interaction & sound programming