Gearvity comes from the idea or the paradox that current reality alters the digital world, in which any virtual format is affected by a physical degradation of the data that composes it. The notion that in the epoch of the information any data is stored and they last eternally is, according to the vice-president of Google Vinton Cerf, a fallacy. There has been minted the apocalyptic concept of “The dark digital age” to refer to a moment, our time, in which information is easily corrupted and difficult to recover. This is the concept that Gearvity reflects; an artwork that tilts between the tangible thing and the virtual thing. This simulation is activated by a physical mechanism that translates the manual traction into forces that alter the visualization. This process of interaction exemplifies the conflict of degradation of bytes caused by tangibility. Gearvity is an interactive installation by VIMOD STUDIO for the artistic residency at IAAC FAB LAB BARCELONA during EASTN European Project VIMOD: Jordi Planas, Bruno Barran, Drew Carson