In this installative composition, chance and design are merged as opposing positions, just as the idea of a work is combined with that of an an installation, or that of a time limit with the idea of an infinite form. Six composers have designed more than 60 miniatures for this. These are as diverse as the composers themselves. The miniature compositions comprise 12 videos with gestural content and explicitly notated as well as graphic improvisation instructions. In addition, sound columns are available, which use augmented reality concepts to visualize and sonify physical models. Furthermore, a dancer appears on stage to comment on these elements with a further language, conveivable as notation-in-motion. All these elements come together and connect through space, constituting an environment which listeners can enter. Through their own movement they actively develop a particular perspective of events and thus - just like the musicians - enter the process of a creative design of the situation. What happens, happens. It just needs to be found.

Ludger Brümmer, Luca Danieli, Luc Döbereiner, Constantin Popp, Hanns Holger Rutz, David Pirrò.

Miniatures - Installative Composition (2015)


- Ludger Brümmer (conception, physical models)

- Johannes Degenhard (conception, visualization, software)

- Johannes Riesterer (visualization, software)



© ZKM Karlsruhe 2015, photo: ONUK