Osmosis/Migrations is a series of live-coding performances coupled with an interactive installation based on a sound samples from diverse cultural environments, informed by ethnomusicological research. It employs content-tagging and sound-feature extraction for the creation of semantic networks enabling alternate \”readings\” of the sonic material. Additionally, a dedicated website allows exploration of the sound networks and the input of new material from the users on mobile devices. The recurrent of waves of immigration on the globe, due to economic factors and social or political crises, have a profound influence on our culture and affect the lives of major parts of the population in many countries. In the past century, Greece has experienced a series of such migrations, and in the past 20 years this phenomenon has climaxed to a dramatic degree, caused by series of crises in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. Transient Words is a study based on recordings of the voices of persons who have been affected by these migrations. It combines the sound of songs, poems and improvised narratives by refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan that live in Athens. The voices are transformed using spectral processing algorithms, and the goal is to weave a new story out of the many stories told by different voices. The piece is accompanied by live 3d graphics programmed and performed by Vicky Bisbiki.