Secret School

The Secret School Installation is a collaborative art piece based on a local WiFi network where visitors of the installation can share thoughts about immigration. It is designed as a platform for collaborative storytelling, where visitor's contributions are merged in multiple narrative contexts: Raymond Roussel's poem "Nouvelles Impressions d'Afrique", audio recordings, interview transcripts and photos from a trip tracing an immigrants journey from Georgia to Greece, and fleeting fragments of impressions related to vagrant life captured in Greece. The installation is accessible on any web-enabled mobile device, while excerpts of the material are projected on a touch-screen or wall surface. 59 photos were selected, to mach the number of illustrations contained in Roussel's edition of "Nouvelles Impressions d'Afrique". The pictures were tagged according to their contents, and thus linked to excerpts from the interviews and from Roussels poem. The juxtaposition of Roussel's polished literary text and fantastic scene descriptions to the harsh reality depicted in the photos from the journey to Georgia and the interviews of those found there is intentional - the visitor is asked to react and comment on this disparity.