Virtual Sound Gallery

The Virtual Sound Gallery is an invisible sound installation. Visitors move with their Smartphone or Tablet and headphones through the exhibition spaces and, while doing so, orient themselves on a virtual sound card. They encounter pieces of music at various points throughout the building, each of which may be visited and considered acoustically. Visitors are not only able in this way to explore a certain building or exhibition room, but also navigate themselves through a gallery of matured musical works of art which perpetually changes throughout the course of the exhibition. Of particular importance is the metaphor of searching for the piece of music spatially and not temporally, as in a concert. The Virtual Sound Gallery, therefore, represents an experimental attempt to connect music with a spatial metaphor in a similar way to which it is done in museums and libraries, in cities and in landscapes. A series of alternating composers from the field of electro-acoustic music will accentuate the installation in the future. During the festival the installation will consist of sounds which were created by using physical models.