The Kaval is a Human Machine Interface for use in Live AudioVisual Performances. Is collaborating with GEA an Heterogenous System for Live Visuals with the use of Live Coding.

kaval from almond wood made by Veselin Hasabaliev (

The kaval is a chromatic end-blown flute traditionally played throughout Azerbaijan, Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, southern Serbia (кавал), Ukraine, Moldova, northern Greece (καβάλι or τζαμάρα), Romania (caval), and Armenia (Բլուլ or blul). The kaval is primarily associated with mountain shepherds throughout the Balkans and Anatolia (wikipedia).

The procession was:

1. Manually measurments of mansur ney and baspare (ney constructor Giorgos apostolakis)
2. Create sketches and drawings in the paper
3. Digital drawing to Rhino ( and SolidWorks (
4. Export .stl files
5. Insert them in to makeware software (
6. Export .x3g files
7. Insert the data to MakerBot - Replicator 2 (
8. 3d printing (digital fabrication)
9. Testing and change printing properties


Scan and sketch the kaval