"Etudes sur Paris" André Sauvage (1928), Lux, Valence, 21 janvier 2015

Lux page 21 janvier

In the program of Viva Patrimoine, at Lux, Scéne Nationale at Valence, cine-concert for the cinema masterpiece "Etudes sur Paris" de André Sauvage, a film of 1928.


Broadcasting of My composition Banalità del male in Portugal

The first workshop of Art de la scène et numérique  (Performing art and digital technology) part of Alcotra: Acteurs Transculturels (Cross Cultural Actors) http://www.cedra05.fr.

First movement of the suite at old larch

"Otto corde" a new piece for cello and Genesis sounds was performed in the 4th Alps Promenade Concert starting from Rifugio Levi Molinari (1800 m) to Punta Chabriere (2400m), August 9 2014

For Festival of Contemporary Music Antidogma,Tuesday June 10th, at h. 9 p.m., Teatro Vittoria, Turin, first performance of Dodici corde e mezzo, a composition for guitar and synthesized sounds. The soloist is Davide Ficco.


My composition "Firulì firulà" for flute and clarinet will be performed Thursday May 29th at Sala Piero Bozzo, Largo Skrjabin, Bogliasco (Genova)

My new composition "iSix" first performance in New York today !



Variazioni su un Preludio di Skrjabin, for Disklavier and electronics at Festival Manca, will be performed at Festivla Manca, Nice, in the recital of the pianist Mark Foster, on November 17th 2014

On field visual and sonorous installation of Johannes Pfeiffer and Giuseppe Gavazza

New video edit on line of Interlude aux voiles:   

Post Naturale 2 : musical installation of Giuseppe Gavazza for the exhibition : Henry Hargreaves : No seconds. Comfort food and photography. Genova, Palazzo Ducale, Sala Dogana, April 10-27 2014