An interactive sound installation that employs the concept of wind as a metaphor to explore the notions of tangibility and its opposite: intangibility. 



Work in progress: reading form the .csv file in processing / Visual presentation of the data

a visual presentation of speed, gust, direction


Work in progress: Sound / receiving the OSC messages in pure data. 


After a helpful talk with Guillem we arrived to some conclusions concerning the sensors. Instead of using light sensors we could use one or more web cameras so that the construction will be easier and faster to build and the web cams will enable us to cover the surface of the object with more holes. Gillem also suggested that in case we use web cameras, we may consider to use some source of infra red light so that detection will be more effective and we will also be able to use the object without any external light.

We decided to construct the amplifier ourselves.

About the sound engine (Puredata)

Tania Tsiridou,  Panos Pandis. Ionion University, 2014

the puredata patch

The sound engine is developed in Puredata and the patch is available on Github.

Some more thoughts about the object

Among many ideas some prevail

An experiment based on reflections about Tangibility and Intangibility. 

Tania Tsiridou,  Panos Pandis. Ionion University, 2014


Difference between tangible and intangible: the thickness of points (molecules). 

The distinction is important when we reduce it to the human scale where the tangible is: INFORMATION  

 (Tangible: the points become thick = Information through the senses. Again, we return to the concept of information. 

Information: ORIGIN Middle English enforme, informe [give form or shape to,] also [form the mind of, teach,] from Old French enfourmer, from Latin informare ‘shape, fashion, describe,’ from in- ‘into’ + forma ‘a form.’)

Shamans and gurus achieved to overcome the separation between tangible / intangible with meditation and the use of psychotropic substances and other methods of ecstasy / transcendence.  The Artists shamanic possibilities: to transcend and to become a bridge by bringing the intangible into FORM. (Joseph Beuys mentioned the idea of the artist as shaman).

 How can one manifest the idea of grasping the intangible? AEOLUS