Mùsica Viva 2015 - Opening

Rehearsal of the Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble with Pedro Carneiro at O'culto da Ajuda... Tonight, 21h30, kick off concert of Mùsica Viva Festival here in Lisbone.




Hologram installation of live streaming environmental urban data.


C.Cadoz at O'culto da Ajuda

In April, in the framework of the EASTN of which Miso Music Portugal makes part, Claude Cadoz is in residency at the Lab for Electroacoustic Creation (LEC) at O'culto da Ajuda in Lisbon. Using the Miso Music Portugal Loudspeaker Orchestra this French composer is working on the spatialization of his music developed with GENESIS, a computer environment for music creation.

Tangibility in Art and Technology, an Interactive Documentary

The interactive EASTN documentary "Tangibility in Art and Technology" is now completed and can be viewed on: http://documentary.eastn.eu/

Tangibility front

Cine concert

 "Etudes sur Paris" André Sauvage (1928), Lux, Valence, 21 janvier 2015

Lux page 21 janvier

In the program of Viva Patrimoine, at Lux, Scéne Nationale at Valence, cine-concert for the cinema masterpiece "Etudes sur Paris" de André Sauvage, a film of 1928.

Contact Dark Tablet

 The Contact Dark Tablet is a live electronics & midi controller. The aspiration of the project is to manipulate sound properties through the use of a wooden board. Using 3 custom built Max4Live patches & the signal of the 4 buzzer microphones flowing through the tablet a real time synthesis is sent to Ableton.

EASTN-DC Countries

The EASTN-DC project builds on the strength of a long-standing European partnership.
The aim is to extend it considerably in terms of consortium, objectives, means of action and impact, in order to establish a European network on a sustainable basis on the theme of digital creativity by combining artistic dimensions, scientific and technological, pedagogical, dissemination and valorisation.
The construction of the EASTN-DC consortium and actions focuses on :

  1. Agile collaboration between the 5 clusters : Research - Creation - Pedagogy - Diffusion - Valorisation ;
  2. The three burning issues of re-tangibility, formats, and technology-philia-phobia.

EASTN-DC Partners

EASTN-DC brings together 17 partners, including 14 from 10 European countries and 3 from countries outside Europe.
The partners were chosen by the EASTN-DC consortium for their complementarity in relation to :

EASTN-DC Activities

Graphic : The 4 activities of EASTN-DC. The spiral arrowhead carries the 16 "Tour" festivals (Act.1), highlights of the project, nourishing a series of "Residences" (Act.2) which intercalate among themselves. The "Communication" (Act.3) and the "Coordination" are the permanent activities that support them.

The EASTN-DC project proposes to work in the study and experimentation, in full size, of the processes at the borders of the 5 Research - Creation - Pedagogy - Diffusion - Valorisation clusters.
Thus, it is not a question of developing research activities per se, or of creating activities for itself. For example, a creative activity will question or test its link with research, and/or its link with pedagogy, etc. EASTN-DC will work towards the development of these cross-border approaches, with a view to their formalization as a model until they become a culture.
The idea is to experience the means of a rapid, agile, constant collaboration between the five clusters according to the concrete actions in which they will be systematically combined.