The European Art-Science-Technology Network arose from the initiative of several European institutions involved in research, technological development, creation and teaching in the field of digital technologies applied to artistic creation and is supported by the European Union under its Culture Program.

EASTN aims at supporting creation and artistic exchanges, promoting European digital creation to the general public and more generaly, at building an active, enduring, widening and recognized community. Through it, several areas of artistic creation are already represented: Music, Animation, Multi-sensory Arts, Architecture, Fine Arts, Graphic communication, etc.

This Network was formed around a common set of concerns that are raised by the term “Tangibility” in the context of Digital Creation. This very notion is unifying but actually not well defined and the EASTN partners, in collaboration with artists and students, through workshops and residencies, propose to shed various lights on it, trying to draw a "family portrait" of tangibility and bringing it to the general public by co-organizing several international artistic festivals.

Find out more about it by checking EASTN's Tangibility Interactive Documentary